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On this page you can find all themes, templates and custom blog designs. With the filter on the left hand side you can narrow down your selection of designs based on different criteria:

By type of design

This criteria defines the cost of the design. Whether it is an affordable web design or customized blog design. Blog themes or also called blog templates such as a theme for WordPress or a template for Blogger are cheap blog design options. When you don’t know where to buy a blog theme this is where you will find the best options to get your new blog design.
Custom blog designs on the other hand are specifically created by a web designer for one single client. This kind of customized web design can then not be purchased by anyone else but gives this blog a unique web design.

By blogging platform

All designs for blogs listed on idthed. are also categorized by blogging platform. We currently have identified blog designs for WordPress, Blogger (also called Blogspot), Squarespace, Typepad and Drupal. So if you already know which blogging platform is the best and have an existing blog you can easily filter to only see the blog designs that are compatible with your blogging software and that will work on your blog.

By topic

When you decided what topic you want to blog about, you can sort all designs according to the matching topic. So you can view only the fashion blogs, all beauty blogs or only food blogs and thereby find great inspiration for your blog design and truly make it your own.